Open Me First


I'm sorry. Many contents of my web page is written in Japanese only now.

But someday, I may build English page ... Please take me a long-range view :^)

I'm an amateur modeler in Japan. I'm not a dealer or a finisher of car models.
So, my collection of car models and assembled models are not for sale except "fleamarket" on my web.


I put a lot of JPEG pictures on my web site. So, it may take much times to download, sorry. And I recomend you to set over 256 colors.


You can link only my top-page ( or to your web page without my approval. If you want to link another page of mine, Please let me know. Because I often change my contents's filename(URL), and I don't like messages such as "404 not found". I think you too. :^)


My site has some "HIDDEN" files. (You can't look them for click reference-tree from top page.) These are not open because of "Under Construction" or "For only my close freinds" . So, If you find these hidden files by accident, Please forget them immdiately and don't ask about them , never. I believe your conscience :^)

1998.10.16 Update