1:43rd Rally Car Kits Database


Update: 2000.01.04

  • This Database was written By T.Tokunaga.
  • This list include "Sold Out","Dead Product","Not Released Yet" kits.
  • Please contact 1:43rd shop if you want information about some kits.
  • If "Kit Maker" cell is blanc , its model has no any 1:43 kits.(Or I have not informations about it.)
  • If you have any other data, Please let me know.
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  • 1000 Lakes = Finland, and Great Bretain = RAC.
  • Be careful ! "Timo Makinenn" is not "Tommi Makinenn". :-)
  • This database is too big to work on my web server, if you want print "all data" at once. Then, I split its data.
WRC Results and 1:43rd Rally car kits Detabase

Status :
[All Result] 1973-1985,1993-1999 (But not all known kits yet)
[Winner Only] others


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